15 May 2009


So I walked to the store earlier, because I am in that end-of-the-semester funk where I will run any and all errands to avoid doing the last few hours of work that I have to do, and anyway, I went to the store and bought things, and I walked out, and oh, I should have mentioned, I went to the corner store, not the supermarket, but anyway, I walked out and halfway down the block and realized I didn't buy the thing I actually wanted, so I walked back to the store and walked up the steps and into the store, and as I walked in, this douchebag standing in front of one of the registers was all "did you come back for me?" and I looked at him and tried to process what he had said, and then I said "No" very distinctly and decisively and walked to the other register, and I heard his friends laughing at him, but I didn't look back, I just paid for my shit and left.

And so the moral of the story is that being a TA has really helped me get better at thinking on my feet.

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