19 May 2009

first day of summer

rinsed black beans, originally uploaded by marinatina.

Today has been pretty amazing. I haven't done much, and being able to relax guilt-free is pretty amazing. I made some bread today, and I've been working on some hand-sewing, and I will probably go clean my sewing room soon so I can do some machine sewing too. I have plans tomorrow morning, and then me and Katie and others probably are going to play bingo somewhere tomorrow night. It is going to be great; I anticipate winning millions.

Photo is of my most recent attempt at black beans, post-rinsing. I made them in the slow cooker again. Two pounds this time, and I let them cook much longer. They may end up on the mushy side, but that's cool, I like refritos. I haven't actually eaten any, beyond small tastes while cooking. We're still working through some other leftover (canned) beans, and I mostly made this batch to freeze. Is that weird? That I get really excited about having food in the freezer, ready to cook? Actually, I don't care if it is, so whatever. I have beans and a loaf of bread in the freezer, and I think next I will make some cookie dough to put away. Oh, and I really want to buy some frozen fruit so I can start making smoothies again.

Ok, I'm going to stop here, all of this domesticity is freaking me out. There's a thesis topic, craft and domestic life and the feminist movement. Except I am not supposed to be thinking about thesis topics! Fuck!


  1. oh please please do a thesis on that topic! it's relevant to me, and thus i care. :) but seriously, i have passing fantasies about donning an apron and high heels and serving up coq au vin and chocolate mousse.

  2. Ha! Seriously, though, it is a very confusing thing, because I seriously love cooking and baking and sewing and, honestly, I've sort of started to love cleaning, which I'm sure you won't believe. And on Tuesday, I was baking bread and freezing beans and cleaning while Nathan was at work, and it was just... really fucking weird.