09 May 2009

golden gate bridge

golden gate bridge, originally uploaded by marinatina.

So in my continuing half-assed effort to get my Flickr account organized, I've been searching my photos via tags. Almost everything is tagged; I think that was my goal last time I tried to get things organized. Apparently I was less concerned with making anything public. This is from way back in 2006, when I went to California with Kira and Sonia. Sonia & I hung out at the Sutro baths, which is in... some park. Google it and then tell me which one. Wherever they are, they are awesome and totally worth the trip, if you're out San Francisco way.

This weekend has been pretty sweet so far. Nathan set up this two-day show called The Freaks Come Out. Last night was the first night, and it went swimmingly. I am pretty impressed with him.

I have gotten very little of my own stuff done lately; this is going to have to change very quickly, as deadlines are fast approaching.

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