22 May 2009


1. I am not great at focusing.

2. Where did the day go?

3. Partisan is so, so good. I made it to one of their shows for the first time in months, probably, and man, I have talented friends. Unfortunately, last night was their second-to-last-show, so, you know, great.

4. I started working on this thing today, this craft thing, and it is probably the most creatively ambitious thing that I've done, and so far I'm not really into it. I will probably persevere though. It definitely can't get any worse.

5. Fischberger's Variety is definitely my favorite store in Milwaukee. Apparently they're expanding their sewing notions section!

6. I finally got my Wisconsin tax refund today, and it was considerably less than I expected. Like, hundreds of dollars less. So, yeah. There's that.

7. I am going to go work on a quilt. Or waste more time. Definitely I will do one of those two things.

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