22 September 2009


Today was a pretty even mix between awesome and totally fucking dumb. Oh, you guys, do not join a student club. Well, do not be an officer in a student club. STUPID STUPID STUPID decision on my part. UGH. I do not give a shit about your damn forms. I don't! I just wanted to hang out with people! We don't even spend any money! Do not treat me like I'm an asshole! When you put the notice about the Really Super Important Deadline in an email and then put "Monthly Update!" in the subject heading, I WILL NOT READ IT. UWM SENDS ME 234 EMAILS A DAY. Okay, not that many, but no lie, I get at least 10 emails a day from UWM. I read nothing unless it says "Required!" or "Important!" or "Free Food!" And only if there's an exclamation point; then I know they're serious.

FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS. Whatever. Target was awesome. I bought lots of things that are definitely going to make my life better. Except I cannot find the spray bottle full of chemicals that will bleach away the mold stains* on my shower curtain.

I could be at the Cactus Club, watching Nathan's new band's first show, and instead I'm here, reading about Chinese immigration during the exclusion era and doing all of the things that I forgot to do (by which I mean I keep thinking I'm caught up, then I remember something, and then I'm all [CURSE WORDS HERE] and looking for things to punch, and then I calm down and do it).

UGH. I will read and go to sleep early and wake up tomorrow morning at 5am and finish everything. YEAH.

*Yes, I know, GROSS. I know! That's why I'm bleaching them away. And if you can tell me how to avoid mold stains in a bathroom with no exhaust fan and zero circulation, then I will not have mold stains anymore!

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