03 November 2009



Instead of grading exams this afternoon, I talked my friend Laura into going to Asian Mart & the Spice House with me. Bought a ridiculous amount of spices, obviously, and tons of delicious things at Asian Mart. Masaman curry paste! What?! I have some delicious meals ahead of me.

And because I skipped out on work this afternoon, I only finished everything for tomorrow about half an hour ago. And by "finished," I mean did enough so that I can go to sleep immediately and wake up at 6am tomorrow and actually finish what I need to do for tomorrow. Grad school is kind of lame sometimes.

(Nathan decided to make cookies, and after he mixed everything together (with my stand mixer, embarrassingly nerve-wracking letting someone else use it), he tried to trick me into finishing the cookies for him. I was too quick for him though!)

(Also, the cat just knocked over a plant.)

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