01 November 2009

sunday stash, resumed


I don't know why I stopped doing Sunday Stash*, but it is time to start back up again. I haven't been great about posting regularly lately (the busyness, oh the business of my life), so maybe this way I will at least post on Sundays. So, today, apparel fabric. There was a point a few months ago when I wanted to sew up some shirts, but I didn't have any shirting fabric. It is very dangerous when I have even a semi-reasonable reason to buy more fabric. I ended up with enough fabric for at least 10 shirts, and at least that many shirt patterns, and the grand total of shirts I've actually sewn is maybe 3, none of which I'd want to wear outside the house. But! This is not a space for negativity; not anymore, at least. Sewing is a learning process, etc, etc, and here are three kinds of plaids that will one day be shirts. Or possibly a skirt, for that one on the right.

*Yes I do. Busyness/laziness/lameness.

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