13 February 2010


I really kind of hate the way this blog looks. Not necessarily the template; I think it's Blogger itself that is ugly. Do not know what to do about that; switch to Tumblr maybe?


  1. we're coming! you ready for us? i will give you a call or something on thursday with our ETA. not sure when we are leaving exactly as we have to drop the kid and the dog off with people. looking forward to it!

  2. No! I mean, yes! Totally excited, and I'm desperately trying to figure out fun things to do. You'll be getting in fairly late on Thursday, right? I'll try to round up some beers since they stop selling at 9. There's a chance Tracey will be in town Friday/Saturday for a conference, so that could be fun. And you're here till Sunday morning, yes?

  3. yeah, im guessing we probably wont get moving until noon or so on thursday and we arent going to be in a rush to get there...probably stop for lunch and such on the way. we plan on heading back early sunday morning so we can pick up the kid and the dog before it gets super late.

    you should get a hold of jeb too and see what he's up to.

    im pumped. should be fun!