07 February 2010

barcelona skirt

Also, I worked on a second Barcelona Skirt today. It took me forever to get the zipper installed & the skirt assembled, partially because I haven't sewn any garments for months and partially because the zipper instructions are bananas. I still need to add a lining, which will be interesting as I changed the seam allowance on the outer seams of the skirt to correct for a cutting mistake. I like how the first skirt turned out, and I think this one will be okay, but I think it's time to find a more structured A-line skirt pattern. I want something with waistband and darts. I really want to draft something myself, but probably I'm not actually at that point yet. I really need to find a class or a local expert, because I am tired of making things up as I go along.

[In the future, I will try to include pretty pictures in my sewing posts. If it helps, the skirt I'm working on is a cotton twill in a lovely shade of blue.]

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