22 February 2010

not ready for this week

And now, everything makes me want to puke. I don't think it's the flu; I just feel awful. And it's snowing, and I didn't finish a paper that was due yesterday because of the feeling totally awful thing, and we have very little food in the house because grocery shopping is hard when you don't own a car, and the house is so dirty, and OMG EVERYTHING SUCKS.

Lame. No more complaining, look on the bright side, etc. Jason and Sarah were here over the weekend, which was pretty sweet. They continue to be two of my favorite people. We went to the Admirals game Friday, which was fun and also reinforced my desire to start playing hockey again. They might bring the kid next time, which would be super fun as he is adorable and also thinks I am awesome.

And okay, while I am kind of stupidly behind in every class at this point, I can totally catch up and even get ahead if I just work very hard this week, which is totally something I can do. And if I maybe stop feeling like garbage sometime soon, it'll be even easier.

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  1. thanks for the hospitality...we both had a good time. sorry you are sick. sarah, jase and i are all sick too. ugh.