26 March 2010


heaven, originally uploaded by marinatina.

Hey guess what? Spring Break is amazing. I taught myself how to purl, so I can now theoretically knit anything. I made myself a pair of underwear, which is awesome and not at all weird so SHUT IT. I went to the fabric store pictured above, which is seriously honestly amazing. SR Harris is where you need to go if you sew. [My S key is all jacked up today. UGH.]

Oh, also, I bought a car! Well, I talked my credit union into financing a car on my behalf, so really, I bought myself another loan! But it is car shaped and black and has 4 doors and AC, so I'm pretty psyched.

Okay, the one thing I have kind of (but not really! I've gotten work done over Spring Break! Weird!) slacked on is school work, so I'm going to go do that. How are you?

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