15 March 2010


progress, originally uploaded by marinatina.

I learned how to knit this weekend. That's the yellow yarn I chose in the background of this photo; it's all ripply because I had to rip out most of the scarf I started because I keep making mistakes, which is frustrating mostly because I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. Lame.

The embroidery project is going much better. Slower, but mistake-free. I have to have that entire piece of Aida cloth embroidered by the end of the month, which will definitely happen, though it may be a very minimalist design. If I can move quick enough though, the whole piece will be full of that repeating design in blue, and then there will be many other colors filing in all the white space.

Fun stuff. This weekend was pretty okay. Schoolwork during the day, fun times with friends at night, and I learned how to knit! I've tried and failed to figure it out before, so until this weekend it seemed like something I would never be able to do. So that's cool, knowing that maybe I should not be so defeatist.

Also, I played bingo at the Potawatomi casino on Saturday night, and that shit is intense. I went with two of my friends, and we were envisioning VFW-style bingo, lots of beer and cigarettes and talking and also bingo. Not exactly--the numbers moved too fast to talk during games, and we were afraid to talk during the extra games (you can buy cards for extra games, but we didn't) for fear of distracting people and getting punched or something. Weird, but definitely fun to do once.

Alright, back to the real word. Papers to grade, presentation to prepare. So glad spring break is next week.


  1. whoa! you changed your blog layout!

    anyway, i was only posting to say that the yellow yarn looks like ramen noodles, and in your spare time (ha!) you should do a photo series of crafty things that look like food.

  2. i did! i hated the old layout, and this is far less annoying. still want to switch to tumblr or wordpress, though.

    and they totally do look like ramen! i was thinking spaghetti, but that didn't seem right. and i think that would totally be something to do in my spare time, so remind me next year. [i like school, i like school, i like school...]