23 April 2010


Apparently you can split up posts in Blogger now? Or maybe that's been going on for awhile? I'm gonna warn you, if you click on Read More, there's gonna be a whole lot of whining, but hey, what better way to test out a feature that let's you give a short preview/warning of what's ahead?

Sometimes my job is just so damn aggravating, but I can't complain about it on my blog, because the Internet is a public place and I don't want to get fired, and I can't complain on Facebook, because lord knows they have no interest in protecting their users' privacy anymore, and it's my mom's birthday today, so I'm sure as shit not going to call her and whine whine whine like I usually do whenever anything goes wrong (seriously, ANYTHING, I'm an asshole), and Nathan's at practice, so I can't make him listen to me whine and then tell me how (a) right and (b) awesome I am, and I can't even just go and get really drunk, because I have to work all damn weekend.

Okay, I feel better. Not really, but kind of. I hope you're having a better month than I am.

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