08 April 2010

yellow + brown

yellow + brown, originally uploaded by marinatina.

Life is exhausting, currently. I'm trying desperately to not get too far behind. Going up north last weekend to be with family was a bit of a setback, productivity-wise (though it was quite necessary and fulfilling, family- and sanity-wise). I'm going up north again this weekend, in about 5 hours or so actually. My grandpa's funeral is tomorrow; I just realized that I haven't yet located my black dress. My aunt from Virginia will be flying in; nice that I get to see her, sort of awful that this is the reason why. I still need to pack. Traffic leaving Milwaukee is going to be awful, and I'm making the drive alone. It looks like rain, too.

Yikes. I'm a bit of a downer, huh? Here's hoping nothing else bad happens for awhile.

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