13 May 2010


I am still alive! And slowly approaching the end of the semester. Get ready, I'm gonna blog the shit out of this fucking blog after next weekend. CURSING WILL HAPPEN.

Also, I'm almost done with my scarf! I don't know if I like it or not, but I will be wearing the shit out of it. (Who says cursing makes you sound dumb?!)

I would post a photo, but my phone battery is dead, because I left my charger in the hotel in Minnetonka, and for some reason I only bought a car charger to replace it, and I don't actually drive that much. So, my phone has been dead most of the past week and a half! I do not miss it at all, except for not being able to easily post low-quality photos of knitting and other such things.

(I should probably cut back on the coffee.)

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