06 July 2010


The Girl with the Dragon TattooI read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Sunday. The fact that I read the entirety of it in a day (maybe eight hours total? which, sidenote, I may be broke as s--t, but at least I have the time to lay on the couch for eight hours and read a good book, you know?) should not in any way reflect poorly on the book. I likely missed a lot of the subtleties of Larsson's writing, but when I sit down with a book like this (i.e. mystery/thriller), I sort of need to finish it immediately NOW NOW NOW. And oh man, this book more than most was super engrossing and has some really well-executed plot twists. I've read a lot of mysteries as my mom is a fan--I have no money to buy books of my own so mostly I just read whatever my mom is reading. Actually, I borrowed this from her! Anyway, I have read a lot of mysteries, and soo many of them are poorly written and formulaic and cliched and the kind of thing that makes you think "seriously, why am I not a mystery writer? Because clearly they will let anyone with half a brain do it, and I have at least that much brain." This however, this is good! And in an era when drek like The Book about the Catholic Secret Society or Whatever and That stupid "Vampire" book that is really about how no one should have sex until marriage and maybe not even then because you'll just have a demon baby that eats its way out of your womb are super popular, it is nice to see a hugely popular book that is also actually pretty good. I am actually not going to say anything about the plot, because I don't want to give anything away, but you should really buy/borrow/steal this book and read it immediately, if you like good books, crime novels, and/or books that are set in Sweden. I really want to go buy the other two books in the trilogy, but probably I should wait until I'm caught up with classwork, as I will likely end up spending another day or two reading them immediately, whenever I end up buying them.


  1. your review piqued my interest...i borrowed the book from a co-worker and finished it in less than week. good stuff. now i have to find the other two books and read them.

  2. awesome! sending you an email about this too, but my mom said she'd bring copies of the second two books to your mom's house this weekend. so if you haven't found copies yet, you can borrow those!