30 April 2006


I swear that I'm going to take this whole website thing seriously. It will just have to wait until May 16 or so, after graduation and graduation parties and spending time with my parents in the city and moving my stuff to the new apartment and flying home. After I've done all that, I'll have time, I swear. Right now, I'm too busy with random punk shows in Red Hook with my Canadian friends and visiting other friends in Ridgewood and looking for jobs and cleaning and packing and sleeping. Oh, and studying for the finals. That's really the big thing, but I'm trying not to think about that. I can't get freaked out about it if I only think aboout the studying while the studying is actually happening.

If that makes sense. I slept on the floor of a hotel last night after watching a German punk band and losing my hearing in my right ear, so everything is sort of confusing right now.

Or something.

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