03 June 2006

it's the thought that counts

10 hour shift at the computer lab. kill me now.

Actually, I guess it's 9 hours as we're required to take an hour break. I’d cut it down to 1/2 an hour if I could; I could really use the extra money. is that sad?

That's it, I’m declaring a moratorium on talking about money, even though it vastly reduces my possible topics of conversation, especially when you consider that not talking about money basically means not talking about working or looking for jobs, which is basically all I’ve done for the past week. That was a really long sentence.

Okay, so, can't talk about money, can't talk about working or looking for jobs, so...

[two hours pass by as I try to think of something to say]

I'll scrape the bottom of the barrel and go back to that old favorite, a big ol' list of quotes!

Today, a list of things said while I was on vacation. Overheard in Wisconsin, if you will.

"I can't believe I make a living. I can't even work a remote."

"I hate the House of Representatives."

"Like you can choose which marble you eat in Hungry Hungry Hippos."

"If I learned anything in Italy, it's that Italians love Pinocchio and Ferraris."

And that’s all I really remember. I bet you can’t guess who said what!

Okay, they might not be as funny as I thought they were at the time (and by “at the time,” I mean “when I wrote them down because I write down anything remotely funny that my friends say because I am weird and neurotic like that”) but you read the entire entry, so my job is done. And if you did in fact read the entire entry, I promise I’ll try harder tomorrow. Eventually I’ll figure out how to be interesting. I mean, it might take me awhile, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out someday.


  1. I don't see what operating a remote has to do with making a living. Unless, of course, you happen to have a job in the technology sector. Then it'd be incredibly lame to not be able to operate a remote. Better not reveal who said that, they might lose their job, and then they couldn't ever send you money. Am I allowed to talk about money?

  2. you're going to send me more money?

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