05 June 2006

the grass is always greener

When my roommate left for work this morning, I was watching the beginning of The Two Towers, and we had a moment of mutual jealousy. I'm really bad at relaxing, or rather at not having a job. I can't enjoy sitting on the couch watching movies when I feel like I should be at work.

I'm watching The Two Towers again, the second disk now, after going to campus and earning $8 at an economics experiment, applying for a possibly awesome job I found on idealist.org, buying discount movie tickets for An Inconvenient Truth, and getting three World War I books from the library. My internship with the historian should start soon; he recommended the books for background reading.

In sum, I figured out how to stop procrastinating--graduate from college and commit to living in an apartment you can't really afford in a stupid expensive city. I don't have any excuse to not work really hard and get things done.

Dammit, I'm talking about money and jobs again.

Okay. Let's see... oh, I got the most brilliant employment idea from my roommate's boyfriend--I'm going to be a tour guide! I have to take a test and pay a fee to get certified, but hopefully within a month or two, I'll be an official New York City tour guide. It probably won't be a full-time job, but it seems like it could be a fun and fairly profitable part-time, freelance job. And it would involve a lot of reading and research about New York City! Exciting!

All right, I'm going to either watch the movie or read for my internship. Or maybe I'll try to do both.

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