14 July 2006

all of the thoughts in my head

Or at least all of the thoughts I can... think of? Remember long enough to write down?

That's the first title I've used that's related to the actual content of the post.

I work too much, but I get paid well, and I really love money. A lot. As of the middle of next week, I'll have two credit cards instead of four, and I could pay off the other two, except I'm going to put every cent I can scrounge up towards paying my private student loans.

Two of my four private student loans have higher interest rates than my credit cards. That is seriously fucked up.

I don't write enough, and it makes me sad. I also don't read enough.

I would really be very happy if there were eight, or possibly nine, days in the week. Also, I wish I only needed to sleep four hours a night. Or three!

I've been working on this list in my head for the past four days, but I can't remember anything I wanted to write.

I bought a bunch of stuff at Amazon.com today with the $75 gift certificate my parents gave me for my birthday. That gift certificate was the only birthday present I got, aside from free drinks from a couple different people. My birthday this year was sort of depressing; it was the first time that I've been away from my family and entirely alone, and it sucked just enough to make me decide to fly home next year.

I should mention that the three people I know who were actually in the city that weekend met me for drinks the night before my birthday, which was much appreciated. I drank Jameson on the rocks and felt very old.

My job is very confusing. I can't tell if I'm doing well or not, and I'm starting to think I should just ask someone.

I want to go back to school as soon as possible.

I love American Apparel.

I haven't bought a pack of cigarettes since I came back to New York. I steal cigarettes from Kira's boyfriend once a week or so, and whenever I see James I make him give me cigs, but I've generally cut back an insane amount.

In the past month and a half, I graduated from college, moved to New York City permanently, moved into my first apartment, got a new job, and quit smoking. It's been a busy summer.

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