08 July 2006


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I have been at the lab for hours, and I've gotten absolutely nothing done.

I know that it's very emo of me, but I have to say that "Young Pilgrims" by The Shins matches my mood so perfectly right now, and I've been listening to it constantly.

I have a gross cut/bruise combination on my foot, and it's so very painful. It also looks really cool.

I am lonely.

I think I might take the GREs sometime this fall. I'm also thinking about taking a Spanish class at NYU this fall so I can keep my library access, and I'm almost certain that I want to work for two years, travel for one year, and then start studying for my doctorate in history. I think that I'd be very insanely happy if all three of those things happen.

Sometimes I have these weird urges to do massive amounts of coke or possibly punch myself in the face repeatedly. These urges have been increasing in frequency lately.

I really need a new bag, something I can take to work that will hold a 13 inch MacBook, a notebook, one or two books, and maybe some files or something. I'm important now; I carry files. If anyone knows of any good stores or brands or something, let me know. I can spend somewhere between $25 and $100, provided it's super awesome.

I don't have anything special to say, but I do have time to write for once, so here we are.

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