27 July 2006

must love nerds

A short list of things I've been obsessing over:

(1) where I'm going to be working in a month
(2) how I'm going to pay rent if I'm not in fact working anywhere in a month
(3) the fact that I'm an eternal fatalist
(4) pragmatist?
(5) where i'm going to consolidate my private student loans
(6) also, how i'm going to make payments once the loan is consolidated
(7) rent+student loan payments+credit card payments=starvation?
(8) the fact that i don't have time to do research
(9) or read for fun
(10) or take any pictures
(11) not that it matters whether or not I have time to take pictures since I lost the USB cable for my camera (again)
(12) also lost: my new debit card, at least two shirts, some batteries
(13) my room is so fucking messy
(14) and I have not found time in the past two months to buy a damn pillow. I am dumb.
(15) my clothes are currently arranged in piles on my floor in order of relative cleanliness
(16) I need a dresser
(17) or time to go to IKEA to buy a few of these awesome stripey garment boxes that are only $3.99 and would look so awesome in my room!
(18) and would match the decor, since my room is mostly filled with unpacked boxes
(19) maybe I can pay someone to organize my room...
(20) or maybe I could do it myself instead of drinking wine and watching DVDs of cancelled TV shows every night
(21) Dead Like Me is awesome and I retroactively protest its cancellation.
(22) Wasn't this list supposed to be short?
(23) I'm going to post this anyway because at least I'm actually posting something.
(24) I remember the days when I was determined to write here everyday, or at least every week day. What a bold, carefree girl I once was...
(25) I need a damn job.
(26) A full-time job. With health benefits.
(27) How the fuck can I be expected to pay $650 a month for a fucking student loan?!? That's how much I pay for rent! Fuck!
(28) I give up on this "short list" nonsense.

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