02 August 2006

"i wouldn't even do that in a straight bar"

I went to a free movie with kira and max tonight. It’s called Miss Potter, and it was fairly awful. I really just hate Renee Zellweger’s face, and I’m angry that she was cast as Beatrix Potter. Also, I honestly just hate the way her face looks. I hate her stupid expressions, and she is really a terrible actor. The movie itself wasn’t awful, but it had about six different plots, none of which were satisfactorally resolved. I can’t figure out what I was supposed to think of the movie. It ended by saying Potter bought 14 farms and then left them to the National Trust, but it had only mentioned that twice before the end. We had to fill out a questionairre afterwards, and I referenced my hate for Renee at least six different times. Why did you dislike the beginning of the movie? "V. disappointed to see Renee Zellweger."

Anyway, the movie was terrible, but the movie going exprience was not so bad. It was free afterall, and we got to sit in air conditioned splendor for over two hours. I didn’t spend any money there, but then I spent $11 at the “European Street Food” fast food place. It wasn’t very European, or at least Central European—no smaženy sýr. Also, how does fast food cost $11, even with the beer? Bastards. I had fish and chips, and it was sort of awful. The chips were okay, but the fish was not so great. I did enjoy the beer, though.

I’m watching Thirty Days, and it’s fairly awesome. Or intriguing, at the very least. The one on homosexuality just started, and the straight guy's friends are talking about how gays can’t be churchy, and the guy who was talking is clearly repressed. Like, he is just obviously gay. There were more than a few people like that around me growing up, and I think it's such a fascinating phenomenon. I guess any sort of religious phenomenon is fascinting to me because it's so entirely outside of what really matters to me.

I have a fairly important meeting tomorrow; I think by tomorrow afternoon, I might know a little more about my employment situation. Maybe. Possibly. I bet I could be just a little more vague if I really tried.

Wow, this post sounds so complainy, but I'm actually feeling pretty good. Also, could I say "fairly" just a few more times?

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