04 August 2006

there are other concerns besides the law

The heat wave is breaking, and with it, my sour mood. My worries and anxieties melted away with the heat, or at least the worst of them. It is still summer, and I am still a worrier, but the worst of it is over. There will be other heat waves, and I will have other crap moods, but they will both pass, eventually.

My aunt is coming to visit in mid-September, and my cousin will be here in October. Actually, two of my cousins will be here on two different weekends in October. And of course, my other cousin will be here this month for a show. There should be a list of cities he'll be hitting up on his tour, and I encourage you to check one out if you get the chance. I for one am planning on going to his house show in Brooklyn, even though I'll probably end up taking the subway back to Harlem at like 4am. Maybe I'll take a car service... look, the point is, go see Jeb's show! Wait, that's the most recent point, but the real bottom line is that I'm going home in a week to see some of my family, and I'll see even more of them in the following month or so, and for that, I am thrilled.

Eew, this is all so fucking cheesy. Earlier, my cat tried to step onto our makeshift coffee table from the couch and completely missed--little did she know I'd moved the table the night before for reasons that escape me! I went to The Strand earlier. I saw Sarah Vowell's new book and decided to find her previous book, The Partly Cloudy Patriot. I walked around for like half an hour, getting distracted by travel books and fiction (why is it they only have the Margaret Atwood books that I've already read?), eventually figuring out where the Americana section started and ended. I found Sarah Vowell's new book on the shelf and was mildly annoyed her old book wasn't there. I wandered back towards the front, where the bag check and the Best-selling Fiction table were, and sitting six inches away from the new book (Assassination Vacation? I can't quite remember, and I'm too tired to check)? A hardcover copy of The Partly Cloudy Patriot. I am so very observant.

The book is quite excellent so far. I think I'll be able to get a lot of reading done tomorrow, when I'm not working on research. It's my last Saturday at the lab, hopefully the last Saturday that I'll have to work for 10 hours for quite awhile. I'm going out to celebrate with two lovely people, and I'm finally buying a desk and a dresser on Sunday. Free bus to IKEA, that is a genius idea.

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