11 August 2006


In the end, I got what I wanted and the decision was made for me. More on this when I've decided how I feel about it.

I wanted a week off, a week where I wouldn't have to worry about anything, well anything beyond the usual crap I worry about, and now I have it.

In closing, a transcription of an interaction with a librarian at the Jefferson Market branch of the New York Public Library:

[marinatina arrives at library, notices library is closed and gated, looks for book drop in which to deposit her six-weeks-overdue library books.]
marinatina: Where the fuck is the book drop?
Random Old Guy: I don't think there is one?
marinatina: I... what?
[marinatina decides Random Old Guy is probably senile or something, proceeds to walk around to side entrance with handicap access in hopes that there's also book return access, ultimately fails and stands around looking confused for at least a minute]
[side door opens!]
marinatina: Do you work here? [Because hey, maybe she didn't work there and was just inside before the library opened because... there's no reason that she would be inside. I am dumb.]
Librarian: Yeah...
marinatina: Is there a book drop?
Condescending Librarian: Oh, nooo. [I mean, why the fuck would a LIBRARY have a BOOKDROP, I mean, how stupid was I to even think there would be a bookdrop?]
marinatina: Okay... but my books are overdue...
Uncaring Librarian: We open at noon.
marinatina: But I have to be at work at noon. Can't I just give them to you?
Heinous Librarian: Oh, we don't take books through this door.
marinatina: But... they're six weeks overdue...
Evil, Bitchfaced Librarian: We open at noon.
marinatina: But... I work at... they're overdue... whatever. [gives librarian dirty look, gives up and walks away to call mother and whine]

What the fuck kind of library doesn't have a bookdrop? Especially when they do have fancy automated email software that threatens their patrons with a collection agency when their books are a mere six weeks late. This is why you should just buy books and support poor, starving writers so they can afford to buy their books instead of relying on stupid evil heinous shrews who are a shame to the noble profession of librarians.


  1. lizette8:28 AM

    can't you just renew them online to buy yourself time? (i do this all the time...sometimes it magically erases the fees from before in some interesting internet glitch i don't fully understand. of course, i'm talking about the brooklyn public library, but i imagine the nypl has a similar online feature...)

  2. I ended up just returning them during my lunch break.