25 September 2006


This is excellent news. I think the best part, and I'm honestly not being sarcastic, but the best part is that they're raising money for the free clinic with a "Harvest Moon Barn Dance." Also awesome are the recent $1,000 donations that came in unsolicited, because that's how we do things in the St. Croix and Pierce Counties.

mail that I remembered to bring with me to the work: savings account bank statement ($0.95 interest, bitches), mail from other bank which turned out to be notification that I'm preapproved for a Home Equity Loan, which (a) they already told me that when I opened up my savings account and (b) I still do not own a home, WaMu, so please stop offering to give me a loan based on the equity in the home I do not own, dammit.
mail that I did not remember to bring with me to the work: envelope containing my paycheck from Horrible Temp Agency. Guess I won't be depositing that money today!

Also, after adding "stupid" as a tag once, I've found it applies to everything I write! Awesome!

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