25 September 2006

you can't be me i'm a rock star

So I had the awesomest post yesterday, but sadly it's awesomeness was so great that time itself stopped, by which I mean fucking Safari froze and refused to unfreeze itself, and after waiting forever (where forever=2 minutes, give or take a minute) I gave up and shut Safari, forever losing my awesome post. I think it was about the Packers winning and the crap Jay Z and/or N.E.R.D. song playing on someone's car stereo at 11:45pm last night. Because that's the best time to play "Rock Star" with added bonus Jay Z "rapping"--apparently he wasn't satisified with ruining that Punjabi MC song with his "rapping" and decided Pharrell was in for some Jay Z song-ruining. If in fact it was Jay Z and not some asshole who's decided to imitate Jay Z rather than some rapper with actual talent.

Or something. Rest assured, this was all way more awesome in the original post that has now disappeared.

The important thing to remember is that the Packers won and I drank a million beers and was drunk by 4:30pm yesterday, extending my classy streak by one more day.

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