06 September 2006

new and not yet improved

I switched to the beta version of Blogger. Can you tell the difference? No you can't, you dirty liar, I haven't actually changed the layout or anything.

I'm house sitting for a week starting today, which means my commute is now twice as long. Hooray! On the plus side, there's a combination washer-dryer in the basement (it washes and then dries, all in the same machine!) so I'm totally going to do all of my laundry this weekend. Exciting!

And I have... nothing else of interest to say. If you're reading this, and I know there are at least three or four of you, please for the love of god leave a comment with some costume ideas. I've got nothing, and Halloween is fast approaching.


  1. well...you are going to canada for this halloween party or something right?

    i say dress as a beer bottle.


  2. i like the way you think, but the costume has to be (a) easy to carry with me on the bus to montreal and (b) easy and cheap to make. because i'm lazy.

  3. hmm...you could dress as the sweet taste of freedom...something candnandnandians know nothing about.

    or how about private healthcare?

    or "freedom fries" (stupid french-cananananadndndanaians.

    or one of the hanson brothers from the movie slap shot. that one would be easy to do.


  4. i like that freedom one... maybe i'll go wrapped in the american flag. or the constitution or something...