08 September 2006


I am thrilled by the massive backlash against Facebook and their new "news feed." I think they introduced it on Tuesday, and by yesterday, there were almost 300,000 people who had signed a petition to get rid of it. 300,000 people! This is what gets the youth of America pissed off--Facebook making internet stalking just a little less complicated. Apparently, according to the "Open Letter from Mark Zuckerberg" that's the top story on my fucking newsfeed, they've been coding for two days straight to give people privacy controls they should've provided in the first place. Personally, I've given up on Facebook and sold my soul to MySpace. Fucking MySpace. My hatred of it knows no bounds, yet I've given up pretending that I'll be able to quit.

Social networking sites are the devil. Blogs are the devil. The internet steals my free time and leaves me with nothing to show for it but the money I earned at my summer job, that glorious time when I got paid to work for the internets.

None of this makes sense, I know, but I'm tired and dreading the 10 hour shift I agreed to work tomorrow. Far too long to spend in a computer lab, but it should pay for most of my trip to Montreal (as long as I spend money on nothing but beer and beer) and also hopefully it will allow me time to finish my Teach for America application and maybe do some research for either of the two research jobs I went to so much effort to obtain.

And stuff. I'm so damn tired.


  1. the internet will soon be the dominant reality, and it will be fueld by google. it's okay. sit back. let it happen.

  2. i'm ready to accept google as my personal jesus. for reals.