15 September 2006

the skull mantra

All right, dudes, seriously, you need to give me some damn costume ideas. I leave for Montreal in a little over a month, and much as I would like to go as the Statue of Liberty, I feel that would involve green body paint, and no good can come from using body paint. I sort of want to find some way to go as Freedom, because I'll be an American in Canada and what the fuck, right? Maybe I could wrap myself in the American flag and preemptively attack other party-goers (steal their beers? prevent them from getting drunk and vomiting on me and my awesome stars and stripes, god bless america?), but it all seems too obvious. Help me!

I miss being able to actually, unironically, enjoy things. I feel like it's impossible to do anything here without being all detached from the actual experience, critiquing it and analyzing it and its meaning and worth and oh my god I just want to watch the fucking movie, you know? I'm guilty of this a lot; it's hard not to watch TV or see advertisements without thinking about how they reinforce dominant cultural views or whatever, it's been months since I've taken an anthropology class. Sometimes, though, it's nice to just ignore that little voice and enjoy what's around you, and I feel like that's difficult to do in New York, where everyone is so self-consciously pretentious, myself included.

What else... my mom sent me two books, because she loves me that much, and I had to go to the post office to pick up the box from Amazon.com. I waited in line for 15 minutes before someone from the post office noticed I was carrying a Form 8459 or whatever and told me I was in the wrong line. Of course, at that point I was standing next to a sign that said "Have your Form 8459 ready," so it was clearly retarded of me to think I might be in the right line. Obviously the line 40 feet away from the aforementioned sign was the correct line--stupid me. The point here is that the post office lady who told me I was in the wrong line was kind of a jerk and also going to the post office was not nearly as hellish as I'd anticipated. And I have two books, so fuck yeah.

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