13 September 2006


I had a baguette for dinner, accompanied by Boucheron, which is French goat cheese, or CHEVRÈ or possibly CHEVRÉ, whatever, the point is that I am a pretentious motherfucker who also eats like a fucking seven-year-old. I mean, I basically had an ungrilled cheese sandwich for dinner, and it was awesome and French so fuck you. It would've been accompanied by a lovely Burgundy as the cheese man at Citarella (I only shop at pretentious grocery stores) suggested, but I should be sober at least one night this week.

Not only am I classy as fuck with my baguette and my chevre (fuck that accent mark) and my prodigious swearing, I am also determined to ascend to new levels of nerdiness (geekhood?). I was watching Lord of the Rings last night and reading bash.org as I have been for the past million hours and decided that it is time for me to build my own computer. Then I spent about an hour talking about Linux and Google and stuff with John Paul, and I decided what I need to do is build a computer and partition it to run Linux and Windows. Or maybe just Linux, because the extent of my hatred for Windows knows no bounds.

[heard outside my window: huge crashing noise followed by "I should fuck you up"--probably not cause for concern right?]

Okay, anyway, this is where I'm glad I have awesome nerdlinger friends, because while I'm sure I can build a computer from scratch, I don't actually know how or have any real idea where to start. Well, buying a motherboard? I'll need that.

[my cat just jumped on the couch and climbed into my lap and started purring and OMFG IT'S SO FUCKING CUTE]

Uhh yeah, so... I aspire to be a bigger geek. Build a computer, learn Linux, learn Final Cut Pro, learn... I don't know any programming languages and that makes me feel... well, I don't think about it that much, but I want to write code. It seems like it would be fun.

...I don't know. My mom called earlier. She was watching some TV show, apparently, and she goes "I have a quote for you--'Everytime I punch someone in the face, I'll think of you.' I heard that and thought of you, because of the punching in the face and all." Uhh because that's my idle-threat of choice, not because anyone punched me in the face or anything. That would be fucked up.

My aunt is visiting this weekend, and I could not be happier. It's going to be so damn awesome. I already basically have the weekend planned out, but leave a comment if you can think of anything I shouldn't miss.

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