06 November 2006

candy candy candy

Canadian food that I ate in Montréal:

Montréal bagels
veggie burger with mayonnaise

Canadian beer that I drank in Montréal:

40 of Molson Bleue dry (except it was measured in liters or whatever)
umm... this other kind... I forget now, but I had six of them
Molson Special Export (maybe?)

Canadian cigarette brands that I would've smoked, if I smoked cigarettes:

Peter Jackson (unaffiliated with the director, probably)
Mark Ten (warning: two kids saying "Don't poison us!")

Don't pretend you didn't wake up this morning thinking "my life would be so much richer and fulfilling if I knew what particular Canadian things Marina ate and drank and didn't smoke while in Montréal."

Worst "blog" ever.

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