05 November 2006

orange leaves

I had the most genius idea ever last night before I fell asleep. I thought to myself, "marina, you should totally write this down, because you'll never remember it in the morning" and then I thought "fuck that, this bed is comfortable, I'll probably still remember it in the morning" and then I fell asleep. Obviously, I forgot my genius thought, which sucks as I'm 90% sure it would've made me a million dollars.

So I went to Queens yesterday to visit my friends and ended up staying the night. I was listening to Sleater-Kinney on the train there and didn't notice anything around me, specifically signs that said the L train was only running to Lorimer Street. I got to Lorimer Street and was super confused when everyone got off the train, and then I was super fucking annoyed with myself because I could've taken the J and avoided taking a shuttle bus from Lorimer Street to fucking Myrtle-Wyckoff and probably this doesn't make sense to anyone who doesn't live in New York, but I think we're all aware that if you don't live in New York, YOU DON'T MATTER. Know what else doesn't make sense? I wanted to take the G train from Lorimer St to the J train, because the G train crosses the J train on the subway map, but there's no fucking connection between the G train and the J train! Why?!? God, I fucking hate the G train. Useless piece of crap.

Being stuck in Queens wasn't so bad though. I was sort of thinking of spending the night anyway, and my super awesome friends give me Polish beer whenever I go over, and I get to play with their two adorable babies, and also they totally gave me chocolate when I left. So yeah, yay for Queens, fuck the MTA.

This week, I'm going to the zoo and hopefully doing Talk to Me with Sonia and also I'll get some news on Tuesday and also I think maybe I'll go to Fort Tryon Park and go for a run and probably tomorrow I'll do research in the library and all in all, this will be an exciting week.

Dammit, the Packers are playing right now, and I am not watching. Must try to remedy that.

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