20 December 2006

neighborhood happenings

Yesterday: I arrive home at approximately 1am, find the locks on both doors into the apartment building have been jammed with toilet paper. I manage to pry free the TP on the first door, give up on the second.

Tonight: I walk out of the subway around 12:20am (early night!), see the aftermath of a car crash. One car in the middle of the road, one car halfway through a chain-link fence, four cop cars and eleven or twelve cops standing around.

The two events are probably unrelated.

Also, when is the city going to put out rat poison? The rats are running free on the streets; I saw one run from the street into that little park at West 4th and Sixth Ave, holding part of a roll in its diseased little mouth. It was adorably gross and disgusting.

Speaking of disgusting, trimming your fingernails in public IS NOT OKAY. It is not okay on the subway, it is not okay on the street, it is not okay anywhere outside of your bathroom. When I am on the D train to work, I am already annoyed that I'm on the D train (makes at least one more stop than the A train) and that I'm on the way to work. Watching and listening to you cut your nails pushes me from "annoyed" to "violent," and I refuse to believe I'm the only one.

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