19 December 2006

the future is now

Hey, guess what, you can post to Blogger from Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Haha, I almost typed Cocs! Hilarious.

I finished Crime and Punishment this morning. It was good, obviously, and I'm glad I finished it after I gave up on The Idiot halfway through, but I feel like I just finished a marathon. A confusing marathon where you know everyone else is getting so much more out of the marathon than you, but you really want to pretend you get the marathon, and sort of you do, maybe one or two parts of it, but you know even after finishing the marathon the first time, you're going to need to read it at least one or two more times before you'll have a real understanding of what Dostoevsky is trying to say. Something like that.

The seventh season of South Park is sort of annoying because there's too much political shit, but the Jennifer Lopez episode is still fucking awesome, even though I watched it for the first time with this douchebag I used to be friends with, back in the day. What a fucking pendejo.

In conclusion, I made a necklace today.

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