10 December 2006

two weeks until i go home again

I am currently geeking out over the following:

1. medieval research with the coolest history professor in the world.

(look! you can buy her book!)

2. setting up my own website

(can anyone recommend a good place to host my site? i'd prefer somewhere independent; i found this place that seems cool, but I have no idea how much bandwith I'm going to need.)

3. making jewelry

(i'm gonna buy some beads and thread before work tomorrow, and then i'm going to make sooo many necklaces!)

4. reading is magic!

(crime and punishment is awesome!)

1 comment:

  1. jason1:07 PM

    you should make me some "manly" looking necklace or something. im still wearing the bracelet thing that nick gave me on t-giving and i would be honored to wear an authentic marina creation. maybe something with black/white...or some dark green or something.

    or not...