09 March 2007


I think I'm healthy, finally, and let me tell you what I've learned from this most recent bought of gross sickness.

(1) Not smoking really does make it easier to get over colds. I was only sick for a week instead of three, and I did not at any point wonder whether I was going to die, leaving my parents to pay off my student loans.

(2) Staying home sick from work and actually not doing anything instead of trying to catch up on work or cleaning or whatever? Yeah, that also makes it a lot easier to get over a cold.

(3) I have allergies. I'm not sure what I'm allergic too, possible culprits include the cats (I know, wtf, right?) and ragweed or pollen or whatever the fuck seasonal allergies people have. Someone else told me they had allergies on Monday too, so I'm definitely not totally crazy. However, Claritin D was not in fact a miracle cure that made my world suddenly come into focus after being blurry, so blurry, which means that maybe I'm just being a hypochondriac. Or maybe I'm not!

Shit fuck, this is boring, isn't it? Talking about my possible cat allergies is probably even worse than talking about my cats.

Sex! That's interesting. Meghan found these awesome librarian t-shirts, LIBRARIANS DO IT IN STACKS and SAVE A HORSE, RIDE A LIBRARIAN. Sexy, no? That's reason enough to get my master's in Library Science.

(I'm so glad my parents never read this, though how sad is it that even my parents don't read my blog?)

I'm at a cafe, a cafe that serves alcohol, so you know it's the best kind of cafe. There are these three girls here, with Teach for America messenger bags and Coronas (and one Stella!), and judging my those three girls, I really dodged a fucking bullet when TFA rejected me, because apparently it would've turned me into one of those annoying girls who laughs loudly, because everyone knows you're funny and desirable if you laugh that loud, and they just high-fived, seriously, and someone just said "lido deck" and JESUS FUCK. I bet they're from Iowa or something. Fuck Iowa, right?

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