12 March 2007

teevee TEEVEE

So I do this thing constantly, where I feel lazy and unproductive, so I find a lot of things to do, so many things that I'm busy all the time, or I should be. Then, inevitably, I start avoiding things, whether or not I actually want to do them, because apparently I like having things to do more than I like actually doing things. Then! I get sick. Somehow, someway, I get sick. Back when I smoked all the time, I'd get sick for at least two weeks, sometimes three. This time it was barely a week (I was sick ALL LAST WEEK in case you hadn't heard, so FEEL SORRY FOR ME) but the other stuff still applies.

This is the part where I talk about how important I am, because I have SO MUCH TO DO. Oh god, where are all these caps coming from?

Okay, I changed my mind, I'm not at all going to talk about how important I am.

Kira and I are going to Philadelphia next Saturday; please tell me where we should go while we're there. I'm going to do as much history tourism as possible, or as much as Kira will allow. There's other stuff there, I hear, but more importantly, there's the Liberty Bell!

I don't know why I didn't think of this first, but I'm getting a new computer! A MacBook Pro! My awesome parents are giving me part of the money, some for my iBook to give to Tracey and some just for being me, apparently. I can now sort of, kind of afford my MacBook Pro, but should I buy it now? Because Tiger may come out this month and it may come out in June, and I am just not waiting until June. I mean, yeah, there'll be hardware upgrades sometime in June, but do I really need more than 2GB of RAM and a 2.16ghz processor? I hate to be cliched, but it's the damn 21st century, there'll always be hardware updates if you just wait three months, you know?

Wow, I started off that paragraph not sure whether I was going to wait or not, but I think it's obvious that I'm going to buy my new baby as soon as fiscally possible.

And on that note, I'm going to go sleep, because I have so much to do tomorrow, because I AM SO FUCKING IMPORTANT OMG.

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