23 April 2007

i am a terrible daughter

actual [abridged] phone conversation from earlier tonight:

marinatina: happy birthday mom!
[blah blah blah "how's san francisco?" etc]
marinatina: so mom, for your birthday, i was thinking i could pay for half your ticket when you visit me? you know, if you wanted to visit me... and if not, maybe i could get you something else? but maybe the plane ticket? that's a good present... right?

i am terrible at the whole "presents" thing, especially the presentation part. i gave my sister an amazon gift certificate, but i sent it to her two days late, and when i called her on her birthday, i was like "so, i was thinking i could get you an amazon card? so you could buy the cds? or maybe something else? or whatever, let me know." because i am all class. SOMEONE HELP ME.

whatever. happy birthday to my mom, the coolest mom in the whole damn world. someday i will learn how to properly celebrate her birthday, but until then, she'll love me even though i'm a total spaz.

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