25 April 2007

the bright side

(a) Tonight, after I missed a D [express] train AND an A [local] train, the next A train ran express from 59th to 125th street.

(b) It's looking 90% certain that I'm going to have an awesome job volunteering at an archive this summer.

(c) My cats didn't puke on anything while I was gone [that I know of].

(d) I read the awesomest [I'm totes going to rock the GRE!!!] books ever--Nightwatch and Daywatch, the first two in a four-part (tetralogy? Firefox spell check says no.) series by this Russian science fiction writer. Part of it is set in Praha! I recognize the street names and districts and stuff! Mám radá Prahu.

(e) I don't know, the weather? Posts about happy things are boring. No more of this blogging crap until I can think of something funny.

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