27 May 2007

mmmore milwaukee!!

Sooo yeah, "Milwaukee." Heard of it?

I went to another show last night, after going to an awesome cookout. Boca Burger makes a pretty good vegetarian bratwurst. There was so much good food, and I drank other people's good beer for half the night while I waited for my Hamm's to get cold. Related: Hamm's doesn't exactly taste like piss, but it is so much better when it's cold.

The show was fun; it was at The Pub, which is a weird little bar. The owner told me I could have a job there anytime I wanted after I drank whiskey straight from the bottle (he didn't have a shot glass for me, was the reason for that, I guess). It was Jameson, but he poured it in my mouth, and it felt a little too "Girls Gone Wild" to actually enjoy it. Also, Jeb told me that the owner has a terrible memory, so he probably won't remember that he promised me a job. Moral of the story? Do not let weird bartenders pour liquor in your mouth, even if it is free Jameson.

Seriously though, I drank liquor for the first time in awhile and the second time this year, and it's still a terrible idea. Remind me of that next time we go drinking.

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  1. Hamm's? So much weird WI beer.

    And wow, um, yeah, we have discussed the no liquor rule. I wouldn't think that we would have to amend that to include even liquor provided with such easy access is to be avoided, but such is life.

    Glad you had a great time, though. Seriously! Who am I to judge...well, who am I to judge you?