28 May 2007

NOT self-centered

I reread that last thing I wrote, and wow, do I talk about myself a lot or what? Yeah, this is a blog, blah blah blah, shut up! I am not completely self-absorbed, and this blog is not (just) about my endlessly fascinating life.

Anyway! Here's a list of things that are cool.

1. Partisan. Lovely people, lovely music.

2. Milwaukee!!

3. El Topo. So weird, so good.

4. Riverwest!!

5. Sonic Typewriter. Noise band! You know you want it.

6. Dear Astronaut. But you knew that already, right?

6. Riding bikes!

(This is starting to seem a little sad. "I love riding bikes, woo!!!")

Anyway. I rode my bike to the library with Frank and Scott, and I am way more out of shape than I realized, but I made it all the way there AND all the way back. Then I drank a lot of beer, which will definitely help the out of shape thing. That was the night of the Propagandhi show, the awesomeness of which I doubt I could even begin to explain. I twisted my ankle at the show, and I'll just let you believe that it happened while I was slam-dancing or whatever, and not when I tripped five minutes after arriving. The point here is that Propagandhi is awesome, and you should listen to them right now.

(Why do I feel like everyone already knows this? Possibly because I'm generally at least five years behind the times.)

Milwaukee time has not all been fun time, but the non-fun time isn't nearly as interesting or fit for public consumption. Everything happens that's meant to happen, and other boring clichés. I think mostly this visit solidified my love for Milwaukee. I give up. Wooooo!! Milwaukee!!! Everyone care about Milwaukee!!!1!

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  1. Huzzah for El Topo... Half-zah for noise bands... I like opening for 'em