22 May 2007

Ways In Which I Will Stay Cool This Summer and Also Not Think About How Kira isn't Here to Hate the Hot Weather with Me.

* museums. There are so many, most of which I've never been to!
* movies. Discount movie tickets + AC = Good Time for Marina
* iced coffee. I will have a pitcher of it in the fridge at all times, all summer.
* and also, coffee ice cubes! I will be over-caffeinated ALL SUMMER.
* City Island
* bookstores. Bookstores have AC.
* the library! They have AC and also books and stuff.
* more museums. Seriously, I am ashamed to tell you how few museums I've visited.
* visiting Wisconsin. I'm using all of my vacation days and then some to visit Wisconsin twice this summer. No, seriously. Home for my birthday and Milwaukee next week.
* Milwaukee!!! There will be a nice breeze off Lake Michigan, right?
* crashing on other people's couches. That will totally get me through the "so hot I think I'm going to die" nights. Some of my friends must have AC.
* working! I'll just work all the time.
* taking pictures. Hot air be damned, I'll take millions of pictures of New York!
* reading all of Kira's books. whee!
* watching all of Kira's movies! At the library, with my laptop and the headphones and the A/C.



  1. Marina,

    You can always visit us while your in Wisconsin, we have airconditioning and a pool!

    Kira's mom

  2. my mom posted on a blog! my mom posted on a blog! so proud!

    anyway, yes, central air was the first thing I remember noticing when we moved to that house. i was twelve, just came in from the pool, and I shivered. it was incredible.

    oh! the original reason i posted. don't forget frozen vegetables and icy showers!

  3. awesome! A/C and a pool in Wisconsin, frozen vegetables and frozen showers in New York.

    Confidential to Kira's Mom:
    There's an article about Turkmenbashi in this week's New Yorker! Abstract is online here, and I'll email you a PDF of the whole article when I have access to a scanner again (probably next week). It's a pretty interesting article.