30 July 2007

i am so pretentious

So last week, I finally switched my Netflix subscription from my parents' credit card to my own (sorry Mom+Dad, I'm only a year or so late!), and I realized that if I'm gonna have to pay for this with my own hard-earned (maybe just 'earned') cash, I should actually, like, watch movies and return them and get more movies and stuff. Maybe this is what Mom+Dad meant by "learning the value of money"?

Anyway! I am horribly pretentious, and Nathan has been talking about foreign movies, like, NON-STOP*, so I was all "I should watch me some foreign movies," but I haven't really been watching movies for the past year or two, so I kind of drew a blank when it came to choosing actual movies. I stared at my queue for awhile, reordered it a little (read: put all the "Real World You Never Saw" DVDs at the bottom, I mean, deleted them, I mean, never had them in my queue to begin with!), and then just added Godard's entire oeuvre, because that is how I do.

The point of all this? I am apparently going to be watching this movie tomorrow/Wednesday before work. Exciting?

*apparently not too pretentious to say AND write "like" CONSTANTLY.

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