18 July 2007

not this again

All right, I am just sick of this. Sick of what, you ask? Keep up! Everything, duh.

No, seriously, I am not actually sick of everything, I am just hella frustrated. Hella? Hella. I have to write an essay convincing UW-Milwaukee that they should let me into their lovely History/Library Science coordinated master's degree program. (Is it "master's" or "masters"? I should know that, shouldn't I?) I have written at least eight or nine pages of words about how much I want to go to UWM and learn about History/Library Science, most of which boils down to "I went to NYU, I'm so smart, magna cum laude, let me go to your school!!!" If only I could just write that, but no, I have to write one to two pages about why I want to go there, one to two pages that will prove to them I'll be a good student and graduate and later give them money and make them look good. (I assume the "give them money" part is less of an issue than it was at NYU, but I think that's true for any and every other school. It's hard to be more blatantly greedy than NYU.) I am determined to finish my application and send everything in by the end of the week, mostly so that I can stop worrying about moving to Milwaukee without a job or acceptance into a school or any legitimate reason beyond missing Wisconsin and being sick of the city.

(What is with all the parantheses?)

Whatever. Everything will work out, probably. I am legitimately sad to leave my job and all my lovely coworkers, but other than that, everything is coming up Milhouse. I'm taking the train back to Wisconsin. The train! It's going to be so awesome.

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  1. It has been approximately FOREVER since you have last written an essay to get into college. No wonder you are freaking out. Just channel your (cigarette) smoking hot 17 year old self and send that application!