12 August 2007

All right. Buenos Aires, so far.

[There was going to be a photo here, but it was taking far too long to load.]

I've had a lot of cafe con leche.

I've purchased two bags so far; I may buy more. I am all about consumption in Buenos Aires.

We went to the San Telmo Feria (Feria de San Pedro Telmo) which was full of tourists and jewelry and old things and generally very full. I wanted to buy an old cigarette case, but the cheapest one I could find was 450 pesos, which is something like $125. I don't need an old cigarette case that much, but maybe they'll have one at the Feria de Mataderos. I think I'll enjoy that one more; apparently it's not nearly as crowded.

What else have we done... we went to a few museums. The Palais de Glace and el Museo de Bellas Artes (I think). There were some amazing pieces by modern Argentine artists at the Art Museum, and the Palais de Glace had a really impressive photojournalism exhibit. We'll get to MALBA eventually, which is apparently the best art museum in the city. We also went to the Museo de San Telmo and tried to go to the Puppet Museum (fuck if I remember the Spanish name). We walked by the penitentiary museum and the Museo de Arte Moderno; the first one we'll see later, the second one has been inexplicably closed since at least March. We went to the Toilet Museum too, which was pretty great.

We've walked around a lot, mostly San Telmo and Palermo. Argentina empanadas and ice cream are both delicious, and I'm basically in love with dulce de leche. We're going to Uruguay tomorrow during the day (the ferry only takes an hour!) and then the Hippodrome at night. If we time everything right, we'll see the last horse race of the day.

There are other things, but they can wait I think. I swear I'll have pictures on my flickr soon (I know you're all waiting with bated breath), but the wifi in the apartment is spotty at best, and I have a lot of photos to upload. I'll get to an internet cafe by Tuesday at the latest, and maybe I'll try to upload everything later tonight when no one else is online.

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  1. Marina is the best at blogging and she deserves an A+ in that particular subject, even if her math skills are somewhat lacking. :)