15 August 2007

todos se gustan listas

Things That I Love About Buenos Aires

1. Nonna Bianca's Super Dulce de Leche ice cream

2. Gibraltar, a super awesome pub with Staropramen. Staropramen! Czech beer in BA!

3. taking a day trip to Colonia [pictures on Flickr eventually]

4. getting home from a night out and drinking more wine and watching American movies with Spanish subtitles [oh, if only I could think of some good examples. cock=miembro? I swear I'm not watching Spanish soft-core porn, though I could as it's on channel 35 after midnight]

5. shopping. Look, I'm sorry, consumer culture in the US is terrible, but I have bought two different bags that make me so happy, so so happy.

6. Wine. Vino. Tinto o Blanco, me gusta vino.

7. I'm sorry about the shopping thing. Buenos Aires has bookstores on every corner, and I bought five books today. Five books in Spanish. Spanish. Which I... can read? Maybe? We'll see.

8. Everything.


  1. If I send you more money, will you use some of it buy something cool for me??

  2. of course! any requests?

  3. no, just wait for something to catch your eye...

  4. Hey, speaking of traveling, whens you emmirgrating to the great state of wisconsin?