30 January 2008


I am now the secretary of the UWM student chapter of the Society of American Archivists. Exciting!

I also made some peanut butter with my food processor. Double exciting!!


Click the photo for more pictures of peanut butter (you know you want to see more pictures of peanut butter). I reused a peanut butter jar, so it feels so much more official than the first time I made it (I used Tupperware). Next time, I want to try adding things. Definitely honey, possibly chocolate? Or cinnamon? Or maybe cayenne? Probably I would use the cayenne mix to make peanut sauce.

Next on my list of things to make myself instead of buying premade--salsa!


  1. American Archivists. So you finally belong to AA.

    Your food porn pictures make me salivate. The peanut butter is so creamy! I am way impressed. Absolutely add honey, and maybe raisins? or another dried fruit? It could look lovely with cranberries...

    Finally, yay for salsa, but tomatoes suck right now. I have heard that cherry tomatoes do all right year-round though.

    Finally, finally, I made pizza dough in my food processor! And it was totally easy and yummy, but now of course I want to buy a pizza stone to make it even better.

  2. Oh, hahaha, AA, someone's hilarious!

    I'm definitely excited about adding honey, and the cranberry idea is genius. Cherry tomatoes worked pretty well; I used mostly those with a couple Roma tomatoes.

    Pizza dough? Do you need a special attachment for that or anything? Also, since when do you have a food processor?