20 February 2008

To all my readers at the US Senate Sergeant at Arms Office

Hey there! I see you found my blog by searching "feingold." It says your ISP is "US Senate Sergeant at Arms;" does that mean you're from the Office of the Sergeant at Arms, or is that the ISP used by all Senate offices? If you really are from the Office of the Sergeant at Arms, what are you doing searching "feingold"? There is no way he has done anything wrong. You are at fault, sir. Or madam.


  1. What statistic site do you use?? That's a lot of information! :c)

  2. sitemeter. there's a lot of info, but it's actually sort of frustrating because they leave out a lot of information too. i use statcounter for marinatina.com, though i can't really compare the two because i haven't done anything with marinatina.com.