21 February 2008

You guys, I am so popular with the US Senate

And I am getting popular at the House of Representatives!

Okay, I did some research after my last post, and it seems that maybe the US Senate Sergeant at Arms ISP runs internet access for the whole senate. Maybe? Is that true, all you new readers? Are you from Senator Feingold's office? And by Senator Feingold, I mean the best senator to come out of Wisconsin [or anywhere] since Bob LaFollette. Seriously, and this information is important to my senate readers and all my other six readers--Russ Feingold is the best ever. I might actually join his steering committee for Milwaukee. My parents gave my info to someone from his campaign, and she emailed me and everything, but I am busy and also lazy and have not yet responded. And... I forget what my point was. Russ Feingold is awesome, I think.

And if anyone from Senator Feingold's office is reading, you are awesome. Also, I promise I am going to see about joining that steering committee. Also, I got my membership renewal email for the Progressive Patriots fund, and I am totally going to give you some dollars. Everyone should give money to the Progressive Patriots Fund!

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